Taste more! Evo heightens your sense of taste, giving you the satisfaction of soda without the sweetness or aftertaste of diet drinks. Experience taste bliss with a guilt-free blend of all-natural ingredients, spa-inspired flavors and delicate carbonation.

10 calories 0 sodium all-natural


Sparkling Pomelo Grapefruit

Did you know? The pomelo is the grandaddy of the grapefruit. Not only is it the world’s largest citrus fruit, it’s believed to be a hybrid of oranges and grapefruits. The pomelo tastes like a sweet, mild grapefruit without the common grapefruit’s bitterness. Tasty!


Sparkling Yuzu Lemon

Yuzu has been used in Asian cooking for centuries because it pairs so well with most foods. The complex flavor with hints of mandarin, lemon and grapefruit can be used in savory dishes, matching particularly well with fish, as well as cocktails and desserts. Believed to be a hybrid of sour mandarin and Ichang papeda, yuzu lemon is not your average citrus experience.



Sparkling Cucumber

It’s amazing to think that cucumbers are 90% water. With its subtle green notes and just perceptible sweetness, the cucumber accents the water in such a way that evokes a day at the spa. Having been cultivated for at least 3000 years, the cucumber is here to stay.